Birthing a Baby and Leaving It On the Street

Elisabeth_joy_the_view_1 To Elisabeth Hasselbeck of The View, that's what taking emergency contraceptive Plan B is the equivalent of, as she professed before breaking down in a puddle on today's show. (Scroll down to watch.)

Now, I have established that I not-so-secretly love The View. I even had a bit of love in my heart for Elisabeth, because she's the young one and I thought she was adorable on Survivor before she became The View's token conservative. Now that Star is gone (R.I.P.), there is no one to back Lizzy (or is it Lissy) up when she goes all red state on the Ladies (who today include Lisa Loeb among them. How do I feel about Lisa Loeb? I will save this for another post, for it seems my feelings are complex and numerous.).

A few points for watching this video:

  1. Watch Joy "My Mother" Behar's face when Elisabeth starts to interrupt Barbara. Priceless.
  2. Isn't it weird how Lisa Loeb's speaking voice sounds exactly like her singing voice?
  3. Further reasons to love Joy: her hand gestures when demonstrating the sperm and egg "hitting" the uterine wall and "proceeding" on its way.
  4. Elisabeth seems cogent, if scary, until 4:28, when she begins to babble about a slippery slope and yells that if you want the government out of your life, then you can't have universal healthcare. This prompts Babs to jump in and issue a stern "Elisabeth, calm down." This, my friends, is must-see TV.
  5. Check out Joy's "ha-ha, I win" smile when Babs is chastising Elisabeth. I am going to work on this smile. This is a good smug expression to have in one's arsenal, especially after a studio audience has just applauded your foe. Studio audiences are forever applauding my foes.
  6. Watch for the Petulant Maneuver of the Year at the end when Elisabeth tears her notes in two before we cut to commercial.


All this hoo-ha is coming up because the FDA is reconsidering making Plan B available over the counter. Let us keep in mind that an FDA advisory committee voted 23-4 to approve this in 2003. I will not stop adoring The View because of this outburst by Elisabeth. But I will keep my eye on that meeting next week between Barr Laboratories and the FDA. And, somewhat disturbingly, Barr's stock price, up $1.04 at closing today.

P.S. Do not confuse Plan B with, but be aware of RU-486, aka the abortion pill.