Going Mad

Mm9 It would be absurd not to mention that tonight is Midnight Madness 2006 and I'm so excited I could jump right out of my skin. Suffice it to say that my team is already totally jacked up and ready to spend the night canvassing the city, hunting and solving and puzzling. I first participated in the race in 2003 I think and it was fun and long and a little confusing. This year I feel totally ready and like I've prepared the rest of my team for what's in store, as much as I can.

I am semi-dorkily in love with secrets, puzzles, hidden clues and scavenger hunts. I decided I had to do Midnight Madness again when I started thinking about Masquerade by Kit Williams (and sort of became obsessed with my own childhood obsession with it) and then discussed it with C & P, whose adoration of puzzles equals my own (P even orchestrated a scavenger hunt for a friend in college). P & I then went to see Wordplay, which, needless to say, I adored, and the necessity of putting together a Midnight Madness team was sealed. We are 9 strong, all totally excited, all totally mad. Stay tuned.

What the hell I am talking about:
Midnight Madness was written up in the New Yorker in 2002 and is inspired by the 1980 movie of the same name.