There Is Life Outside NYC

Today L. and I went to the Dia:Beacon. I expected to be seized by that "we're not in the city anymore, my troubles are melting away" sensation. I think our trip was too short to bring on such revelations, but it was splendid, even if the artwork there is a little too minimalist to inspire feelings of "oh my god I have to go and create now."  L. and I agreed that the most beautiful part of the place is the space itself, which is just miles of open galleries .Showing a big open room to a New Yorker is like showing a piece of raw steak to a sabre-toothed tiger. I entertained L. (I hope) all day with hypothetical questions about how much one would be willing to pay in rent to live in one of the massive galleries at Dia.

Size matters. Maybe when you're just out of college and living cheek-by-jowl in a 2x2 studio with ten other girls it's hilarious, but give it some time, and the next thing you know you're jotting down the phone number for a 3-bedroom house in Beacon with mother-in-law apartment attached and seriously wondering if you could get a few friends together and swing the $2200/month. L. pointed out that in order to pay the rent--any rent--closer proximity to NYC and its attendant high-paying jobs was important. Sigh. Anyway, here's what we loved today. PS The windows are shadows from actual windows, cast on Richard Serra sculptures and the floor of the galleries.

self-portrait with hot dog advisory: