Virginia Is For Lovers?

What's the matter with Virginia? I spent four years there for college, and after I got over the fact that whenever the line "All is bright and gay" from the school's fight song was sung at football games, the crowd would scream "NOT GAY!" (solution: stop going to football games), I was able to find some very wonderful things about the school and the state (the former, I should add, an institution partially funded by the latter). I love Virginia, and I love many people from Virginia. But come on, George Allen. You're bringing everyone down with you.

What gives, creepy future presidential candidate?  I remember when Oliver North came to campaign for Senate in Charlottesville in 1994. He didn't say anything mortifying, but just the fact of him trying to shake students' hands was gross unto itself.

Update: Evidently there's been a movement in recent years to stop jackasses from yelling "NOT GAY!" during "The Good Ol' Song."