The Ladies’ Room

Brocade2 Thank god for Brocade Home, for tapping into my "feminine energy" and creating a line of home furnishings just for young women. What is feminine energy, you ask? Why, "crystal chandeliers, satin coverlets, pink crushed-velvet pillows and sexy boudoir tables to channel Carrie Bradshaw" of course! The founder of the line plans to "jump-start 'the feminine home for the 21st century,'" according to the Washington Post. The main inspiration for Brocade seems to have been Anthropologie, aka "Suburban Outfitters." What does it say about me that I secretly like this rococo frippery? What does it say about me that I also covet a modern, austere, "macho" look? Why did Maureen Dowd use the expression "kindle to" twice in yesterday's column about Bush reading Camus? And what of homes where women and men live together? This look is definitely "feminine" but I can't imagine it gracing the home of anyone  besides the trillion women nursing Amelie fantasies.  Isn't it stretching it a bit to call West Elm and Crate & Barrel "masculine"? Is there such a thing as feminist decorating?

home ec, home ecMelissa Kirsch