Morning After Ridiculosity

Plan_b_2 Can we establish some sort of alert system for new pharmacists, you know, a memo or something that aspiring pharmacists have to sign, acknowledging that the profession on which they are about to embark may raise some sticky moral (or religious) issues? The pharmacist-to-be would state in no uncertain terms that s/he is aware that, regardless of what s/he determines is "the right thing," s/he is beholden to the rules and regulations of the pharmacy for whom s/he works. This whole conscience clause thing is bullshit. What I'm trying to say is, whether or not you think a woman should have access to the morning-after pill, you have to fill the prescription anyway. And whether or not you think a woman is a floozy or her doctor is a renegade, if that prescription calls for a refill, you have to provide it. In short, keep your rosaries off our ovaries, and keep your moral compass off our refills.

I'm not angry. In spite of two recent posts in which I tried to take a bitchy stand on matters to which my reaction is one of spectator-distaste but not outrage, I am not on a rant. Nor a rave. I'm just concerned about the profession of pharmacology. The moral conundrums are only going to get more trying. We need people with strength, fortitude, presence of mind, ability to reconcile conscience with job responsibilities. (We do not, for the record, need the jerk at Duane Reade who entered my birth date incorrectly into the computer and then tried to accuse me of not having insurance. We need him to stop being such a total jerk and making me weep--it had been a long day, I was not in the mood.) I ask you.

I agree with Sarah Goldstein, who brought the issue of pharmacists not filling Plan B refills to my attention via Broadsheet (Get the Site Pass--it's worth it): If this thing were available over the counter, we wouldn't need to have this discussion. We would still need to draw-and-quarter that pharmacist from Duane Reade, but just for being a bully. I have no evidence that he's withholding refills.

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