The Morning After the Morning-After Decision

Satc_1 The Plan B(acklash) has begun. From today's Times, an article that suggests that the availability of the morning-after pill without a prescription is going to lead to women being less careful and men using the availability as an excuse to be jackasses. These parts made me sigh the "Oh the world the world the world" sigh:

Arielle Fox, 23, who grew up in the Manhattan Beach section ofBrooklyn and now lives on the East Side, said that after graduation from college, many of her friends moved back to the city, started working and dated heavily — without worrying much about getting pregnant.

“People just don’t think it could happen to them,” she said, explaining that many of the women she knows do not practice safe sex, especially when drugs and alcohol are involved. Still, she said she could not decide whether she was glad the morning-after pill would soon be more readily available. Several of her friends have already used the pill multiple times.

“This weekend, they’re like, ‘I took the morning-after pill,’ ” she said. “And the next weekend, ‘Yeah, I took the morning-after pill.’ ”


Elizabeth Jones, 23, a student from the Bronx, said the pill might give guys another excuse not to use a condom.

“Now they have one more reason to say: ‘I’m not going to use one. I’ll buy you the pill in the morning,’ ” she said.


While we're discussing the article, can we please agree that this is a weak lead?

"Sex in New York City, as glamorized as it may be, is far from perfect."

Comparisons of NYC to the swingin' playground depicted Sex and the City are moldy-penicillin-bread-stale. Saying that life is not like SATC here is irrelevant. I admit I once wrote an article about how my life was nothing like the show. That was in 2000.

I expect something more current from the Times, but otherwise, who cares? This hapless lass got reamed by Gawker for comparing herself to Carrie Bradshaw. I leave her to her musings, no matter how cliche.  Making fun of a personal blog is like shooting fish in a barrel. Unless, of course, you know the person, and s/he has done you wrong, in which case one could argue that your ridicule is karmically justified.

New York Women See 2 Sides of Prescription-Free Morning-After Pill [NYT]

PS: Ooooops. Oooops again.