So Into the Democratic Process

God I love voting. Today is the NY Democratic Primary and I could barely wait to get behind that filthy plasticized curtain and into that booth. I would like to know who those weird people are who work at the polling place; I believe they are my neighbors, but they're all totally insane. One woman who was checking people in loves voting even more than I do and tried to engage me in fury over those who don't vote but still complain that their civil liberties are being infringed upon when they have to get frisked in airports. She really wanted to talk. I couldn't talk; I was so focused on getting in the booth.

I love a civic duty. This may be also why I theoretically love jury duty. I like to believe I have an important role in the running of the country. I know I am deluded. But god. Voting. I'll vote for anything. I'll vote for a Second Judicial Representative (Alternate). I'll vote for an American Idol contestant (maybe). I will definitely vote in an exit poll, but no one has ever asked me to do so. I hope I get approached to participate in one in November. I'd be so great at it.