The Quiet Room

EarplugsI am here to report that my life has radically changed. Heretofore, I was a victim of the cochlea-ravaging construction outside my window that begins every morning at 7am. This morning, however, conquering my deeply held belief that they are disgusting, I put in a pair of earplugs. From whence these newfangled contraptions? Have you heard of them? What is this "ear plug" and can I buy stock in it? There is still noise, but it sounds like it is coming from far away, like a memory of life-ruining construction instead of one inch from my ears. I am not sure I even have them in correctly, which means the more I wear my earplugs, the quieter it will get, which you must admit is something major to look forward to. I'm in my own little cocoon.

Let it be known that I still find your earplugs disgusting. There is nothing quite so stomach turning than waking up in a low-rent hotel bed to find some previous guest's stray wax-coated foam grossitude wedged behind one's knee. Luckily, my earplugs have their own discreet carrying case.

NYC, NYC, personal, personalMelissa Kirsch