Zach Braff: Love Him or Ew, Barf?

This piece in Slate, irresistibly entitled "Why I Hate Zach Braff" makes some very good points. I liked Garden State, only to later feel betrayed by Garden State, feeling emotionally manipulated by the indie rock and the "You're really in it" dialogue. I saw The Last Kiss, which was, I'm sorry to say, almost unwatchable in its soap operatic blah blah blah. I thought about walking out. I find Zach Braff sort of adorable and I wanted to leave, so pointless did the whole enterprise seem.

After reading this in the  Slate article:

Braff also uses pop songs as a cheat, an easy way to heighten the emotional impact of otherwise unremarkable moments. The music in Garden State is so load-bearing that the movie becomes ridiculous if you swap in different tunes—if you don't believe me, check this out.

I was in the very right frame of mind to appreciate this:

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