Pour This Lady a Drink

Makers_mark In today's Times, Alex Witchel admonishes bartenders for not believing that the lady's poison is indeed a stiff bourbon, hold the fruit chunks. I have an aversion to dark liquors of any sort but I've always been impressed enough by friends who can order up a Scotch neat and sip it with as much delight as I do a Diet Coke. Writeth Witchel:

Though I still drink Scotch periodically, at some point I switched toMaker's Mark bourbon. These days, I order it in a tall glass to ensure that the ratio of booze to soda gives me a fighting chance of getting to the appetizer without falling out of my chair. But among some male bartenders, I’ve noticed more than a tad of residual resistance to the notion that the female of the species can drink hard liquor unadorned by grenadine or chunks of oxidizing pineapple.

Strong Drink Is Not For Men Alone [NYT]