A Secret Marketing Trick?

Lost Remember my zeal over the renaissance of Is Lost a Repeat? ? Well, as I foretold, if you go there today, the answer is an unequivocal NO!, which is good news for the billions of us who have been hanging on by a thread since the end of last season.

What is not so fun is that the NO! is a hyperlink. Click it and it takes you to the Amazon page to buy the Lost, Season 2 DVD. Now, I'm not going to hold it against anyone to earn a shekel or two through their thoroughly useful website [subliminal message inserted here], but somehow the simplicity, the beauty, the public service aspect of "Is Lost a Repeat?" gets polluted when we bring commerce into the mix. I know, I know, Lost itself is little more than a ratings goldmine upon which many fat cats feast and get fatter. But I like to pretend it's not so. And I like my coy fan sites to masquerade as being immune from the marketplace.

Let me pretend.

awesome, awesomeMelissa Kirsch