So Many Reasons to Feel Something Akin to Joy Today


1. Did you vote? Are you glued to the television? Will Lieberman win in my home state? Will Alan Hevesi win despite the scandale? Does anyone love Election Day like I do? [UPDATE: My very own sister was in an exit poll in Connecticut! I'm so jealous I could spit nails.]

2. Starting today, Plan B is available over the counter without a prescription. Now we just need it to be available for minors. Baby steps, baby steps.

3. As long as we're talking about The View, Rosie basically gave the Kentucky couple from The Amazing Race a lottery of riches so embarrassing, they looked like they were going to puke. Among the thousand things she gave to them for being "so nice": A cruise for them and the Cho brothers; $1000 of Carhartt products for the coalminer husband who wanted to win the million bucks so he wouldn't have to be a coalminer anymore; vacations for their kids for the next three summers; an Eddie Bauer SUV; a HOUSE to replace their trailer; confetti.

You know how you hear how people who get new homes on Extreme Makeover: Ty Pennington's Moussed Coiffure are hated by their neighbors because they are living in a mansion amid all the humbler homes? I wonder if the Kentucky couple (who I loved too, in spite of my desperate attempts not to love a reality TV couple) is going to be able to set foot on the lot of their new house that's been built on the site of their trailer. If I were living in a trailer next door to their new Rosie Chalet, I'd be a teensy bit disgruntled.

4. I got two giant boxes full of books today, my author copies. I signed my first book, for Bobby, the UPS delivery man. The pen exploded all over my hand.