The Nutritious Cocktail

This past week saw a rather overwhelming but secretly sort of great gala to celebrate the launch of The Book. In the sea of revelers, one Dr. Morrison, the very cool nutritionist who advised me on the Health chapter. I asked Dr. Morrison to show me how to order a "nutrionally conscious" cocktail at an open bar, thinking the only healthy choice at the party would be a club soda.

Imagine my surprise when he handed me a vodka on the rocks. "Not champagne?" I wondered. "Too much sugar," he advised. "But even calorically, you're going to tell me that the healthiest cocktail is a liver-taxing highball of vodka, straight?" I was incredulous, but evidently the "rule" is to go for drinks that are "distilled rather than fermented." Distilled over fermented. Fascinating. I equate this with the Alex Witchel Rule of Cocktails.