Inexplicable Fan Goes to Joy Behar Stand-Up Show

Not content to just watch The View at home, my unlikely obsession reached a boiling point last night when I convinced my friend Lynn to go with me to see Joy Behar perform live. Stop judging me. I shot a movie!

As Lynn pointed out, we were the youngest people in the room by about forty years. Joy's jokes were written in about 1993 (she covered such "Hot Topics" as Mel Gibson, Lorena Bobbitt and Joan Collins' face lifts.) Even reading from notes, however, she was still, I have to admit, hilarious--if in a very geriatric, cruise-ship, PG-13, Cathy cartoon, Borscht Belt kind of way.

Here, she does a Borat and sings (sings!) an original (and ironic! and sort of bawdy!) song! How the audience laughed! How I love Joy!

I promise to be hip and post-post-ironic in every way possible--except in my deeply felt belief that Joy Behar is a charming, funny, feminist, politically interesting comedian. Oh dear god.

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